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Comenius 2002-2003
is a European Union initiated school-project with the following aims:
to enhance a European dimension in education
to increase knowledge of European languages
to promote co-operation and exchange of knowledge and experience
to renew educational processes
to ease access to higher education

"A virtual backpack journey in Europe"
is a joint venture between these European schools:

Fiskå skole in Kristiansand, Norway
Weiss Ferdl Hauptschule in Altötting in Germany
Scuola Media Filippo - Tovini in Brecia in Italy
SHS Gloggnitz in Gloggnitz in Austria
II. Rakoczi Ferenz Altana-nos Iskola in Györ, Hungary

The aim of our project is that the participating students get first-hand knowledge about the other countries involved, their ways of life and their culture.
Expected impact is that the students get increased respect and interest for other countries and cultures in Europe.
The main activity is a two-week project period starting 17th March 2003.
During this period the students are given different challenges by their partners.
The students have to use the INTERNET in order to find information about culture, ways of life, politics, sports, religion, integration of foreign people, economics, geography and history.
The students will work as travel agents, finding the best ways of travelling, keeping account for the (virtual) money given for the journey.
The students are expected to present a report in their own language with a summary in English. The summaries will be presented on this site, available for all participants, after Easter in 2003.
E-mail contact during the project:
Labyrint Europa
As a "warm-up", you might check out our contribution to eSchola 2002. A web-based maze that needs to be navigated. Based upon knowlegde in geography, history and politics.
Check it out! Startingpoint is here!