The English department

At Fiskå Skole we have developed an interactive educational program in English. Often we see that the pupils do not have a proper motivation, and that the interest for English is rather low. We wanted to change that, and felt that we could change this negative trend to a positive one by using their interests and needs and make it relevant for their age. After having interviewed several pupils, we saw that they all had one common interest - music.

We started to divide our school year into ten thematic parts - topics like Nature, Education, Newspaper and so on. To every topic we chose a music video that naturally had connections to the theme. But before we could be able to use it, we had to rip the video to mpeg and rip the music to mp3. After having done that job, we could go to next step…

To be able to develop an interactive educational program we chose to use Macromedia Flash 5.0. We visited many websites and collected lyrics, pictures, articles, interviews and other writings about the artist and members. Then we used this material in Flash to make ten different interactive movies.

Our pupils got one movie when the school started and one after Christmas. In every movie the pupils make an interactive journey by clicking to study pictures, read texts, answer questions, listen to the music and read the lyrics, study the music video and finally write a short story. Sometimes they have to write everything, but sometimes they shall present it verbally.

The pupils love it, and we have had a lot of interesting verbal presentations and several interesting discussions about the music videos, the lyrics and the articles.

(We do not sell the movies, but can arrange courses. We have been in contact with every record company. The Flash-movie you can see on this page is a stripped version.) If you don't have Flash, you may find it here

If you like, check out this assignment with TLC as an inspiration. (it does not contain the music) 770kb

It is fun, motivating and you'll learn a lot in this maze. You combine geography, history and english. Click here to play!
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