We have put an effort into developing ICT at our school for several years. That is one reason we have been picked out to become an ENIS-school in Norway.
In 2005 we are in our second term as ENIS-school.

What is ENIS?
European network of innovative schools is a part of the European Schoolnet, which is a unique international partnership of 23 European Ministries of Education developing learning for schools, teachers and pupils across Europe. We provide insight into the use of ICT (information and communications technology) in Europe for policy-makers and education professionals. This goal is achieved through communication and information exchange at all levels of school education using innovative technologies, and by acting as a gateway to national and regional school networks.

Which schools in Norway this is, you may see here
The European Schoolnet's pages you find here
In 2005 eTwinning is the preferred ENIS project. It is based upon finding a European partner school. We are currently searching for a partner.

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Labyrint Europa
Our latest contribution to eSchola 2002. A web-based maze that needs to be navigated. Based upon knowlegde in geography, history and politics.
Check it out! Startingpoint is here!
Backpacking Norway
Also check out this cross-curricular assignment of "Backpacking Norway".
This is for the moment only available in Norwegian.