Below we will add different subjects as soon as the content is of general interest:

Our core subjects:
Arts and crafts
Our development projects:
Evaluation without grades
Math is more than numbers

Subjects and projects at Fiskċ skole

We have several ongoing projects at Fiskċ this year.
The Arts and Crafts dept. have one, and they are very active in the use of multimediapresentations and graphic design.
Their pages are only in Norwegian at the time, but perhaps you can get a feel for what they are doing by having a look.
In addition a class is running it's second year with a project related to mathematics and natural science: "Math is more than numbers and symbols".
This is a more practical project where themes and timetables are set free from the more traditional way of organizing things. At the same time as we focus on the natural sciences and the intensified use of ICT, they are also evaluating ways of organizing the schoolday and the effect this has on the learning-interest of the students.
The same class is also following through with a project that will evaluate the effects of evaluation without grades.

Parallell with these projects above, the entire school was inspired to reorganize. The entire curriculum is this year converted into themes that each last 3-4 weeks.

In addition, there are constantly being tested out new methods departmentwise. In a 10th grade class the teachers are testing new and exciting Flash-based assignments where the students sense of esthetics, crativity and curiosity are encouraged.
We are further an ENIS-school, and around christmas we became part of a Komenius-project where we are to communicate with schools in Germany, Austria and Italy. We are really looking forward to this.
We see ICT as a natural and integrated part of our working environment, and will further test out Skolenettet's modules "Skolesekk" og "Skolestue", which invites teachers, students and their parents into the 24 hour open school. This module is also available in english.