The personell at Fiskå skole Administration:
Headmaster: Arnt Jørgen Eidsaa tlf +47 3800 2061
Deputy head: Einar Øslebye tlf +47 3800 2062
Janitor: Oddbjørn Kile tlf + 47 911 96544
Senior secretary: Signe N. Hansen tlf +47 3800 2060
Career Officer: Selle M. Horntvedt tlf +47 3800 2063
Social councellor: Dag Vige tlf +47 3800 2064
Social councellor: Ellen Frick McDade tlf +47 3800 2072
Coord. of special needs : Anne Marit Linkjeldal tlf +47 3800 2069

Teachers and educational assistents
Terje Alfsen
Filip Andersen
Kjartan Borøy
Wenche Drange
Hege Fiskaa
Roar Hornnes
Kjellaug Hidle
Leif Magne Hæstad
Sture Johnsen
Nancy Karlsson
Atle Kielland
Sverre Kielland
Arne Jørgen Løvland
Ellen Frick McDade
Jon Matzow
Magne Myhren
Ingunn Nepstad
Finn Salvesen
Thor Sangesland
Marian Segberg
Frøydis Strand
Wenche Svindland
Toralv Steinsvaag
Børre Søfting
Erlend Thomassen
Willy Urtveit
Anne-Fi Valeur
Oddvar Vik
Heidi Vikstøl
Hanne Wangberg

Cleaning staff
Astrid Gundersen
Britt Lund
Sissel Rønning

Anne Sissel Sørensen - Telefon 38 00 05 50

Aina Kjær - Telefon 38 07 58 25

Who does what at Fiskå skole?

The school's headmaster is Arnt Jørgen Eidsaa. The headmaster is the school's top leader and is responsible for the educational and financial running of the school. Inspector is constituated as headmaster.
Inspector Einar Øslebye is the headmaster's stand-in and is mainly working with disiplin, order and staff vacancys.
The inspector are co-working with the headmaster orginizing the educational guidelines of the school.
The mercantile supervisor is called Signe Nordgård Hansen. She is the administration's frontdesk, does the inventory and supervices the financial running of the school.
The Janitor, Tor Magne Abrahamsen, is responsible for the technical running of the school. He maintains the building, and wants that Fiskå skole should be a healthy and wholesome workingplace for both teachers and students.
The councellor is called Selle Marie Horntvedt. Her task is to guide the students about their further education. In addition, she also organizes placement of students for one week work practise in the local industry for the 10th graders, and is also responsible for the additional, elective subjects at the school. She has a further responsibility for coordinating the teaching of bi-lingual students as well as the students own elective choices.
The social councellors Ellen Frick Mc Dade and Dag Vige are working for that all the scholl's students are safe and sound. If something is amiss, they are to be coordinators between the parents and other municipal social departments.
Coordinator of the special education at Fiskå skole is Marit Olsen. She is responsible for coordinating all the teaching of students with special needs and is working closely with the educational and psychological counselling service of the municipality, as well as cooperating with the student and the parents of the student.

Form teachers this year is:

8a: Ingunn Nepstad og Kjellaug Hidle
8b: Selle M Horntvedt og Sverre Kielland
8c: Finn Salvesen og Mariann Segberg
8d: Erlend Thommassen 9a: Hege Fiskaa og Terje Alfsen
9b: Toralf Steinsvåg
9c: Kjartan Borøy og Arne J Løvland
9d: Sture Johnsen og Ellen Frick Mc Dade
10a: Roar Hornnes og Jon Matzow
10b: Oddvar Vik og Magne Myhren
10c: Leif Hæstad

Parental contacts.
The elective parental contact supplies an important contact between the student's homes and the school. Together with the class' form teacher they are trying to create a good learning environment in each class. Active elective parental contacts is important for supporting the students' development