About the project:
Starting up
When we started our project "The road to knowlegde - studentevaluation without grades" - we pictured a working environment completely without grades. But, both the parents, the students and state representatives wanted one or other form of grading.

The goal of the project was never meant to make a school where grades were totally absent, but instead to take the focal point away from the grades themselves, and focus on the learning prosess itself. When we sat down to make criteria for the evaluationprosess, we pictured two levels - one positive and one negative. After meeting with the state-representatives, it became clear that we had to grade the students fiurther - in three levels: Avarage, below average and above avarage.

The National evaluationrules have opened for two types of evaluation in school: Formal and informal. Our goal was to find ways of not creating an artificial schisma between the formal and informal.

We ended up with two equal criteria for evaluating each student; one based upon the students' efforts in the subjects themselves, and one based upon the individual student's personal skills.
1. The subjectrelated part is based upon the students' work in tests and on finished products. It is to show the students' subject skills at the time related to the expected level of demands.
2. The individualrelated part is based upon the actual work the student does at school, and is meant to adjust the picture that the pure subject related evaluation gives. This part is put toghether by the following criteria: The ability to get started, the ability to work with a goal and on their own, the ability to structure the work during the day, the ability to seek out information, the ability to cooperate with others and enthusiasm for the work.

We thereby hope to bring the focus away from the grades and instead focus on the learning prosess itself.

An example of an evaluationrapport that each student receives after completing a theme, you may see here in Word2000-format
(this is a short version that presents the basic idea of the project)